Die Information

Whatever your pelleting application, equipment brand or model, Swit Swoo has the knowledge and worldwide experience to guarantee that the Die, Shell or Spare Part that you purchase from us will provide excellent performance, high throughput and long life. Swit Swoo works within the largest installed base of pelleting equipment worldwide. Pellet dies must resist abrasion, corrosion from chemical exposure and breakage caused by the physical stresses of pellet formation. Also, they must offer high throughput to maximize production. The optimum die combines high resistance to abrasion, breakage and corrosion with maximum productivity. The realities of die operation require careful precision.

More Shapes, More Sizes

Standard dies are available normally at 8-10 weeks delivery. Special Dies with non standard hole configurations take about 4 weeks longer. We can offer various hole configurations above the standard - Peanut shaped, Clover, square, etc.

When needed, we can even custom design and build a die for your new application. For instance, when you are changing feed formulations at the mill or when your customer's requirements change, call our expert staff. All our services meet the industry standards. Dies are manufactured using x46cr13 Chrome Plus Material. Hardness 52-54 HRC Rockwell. Should you require to operate outside these parameters please call to discuss.

Swit Swoo Services' objective is to provide the industry with the best "value for money". Our objective is not to be the cheapest, but to provide the lowest cost per ton with the highest reliability. In order to achieve this objective Swit Swoo draws on industry proven knowledge and co-operates with local or international companies to offer the correct solution. Over the years Swit Swoo has built a network of knowledgeable agents around the world.